Tired of the Lies, All the Lies

The Downstairs Backyard Experience

I am becoming frustrated with the lies that pervade the world. I am lied to all day by the media in every format, the people and the products media is reporting on, and even by people I encounter every day. I guess it’s not the lies themselves that are bothering me as much as the frequency. We have always had harmless lies, such as when someone DSC03944asks, “Does this make me look fat?” But this is more. From religion to business to government, they all tell lies. Period. Deliberate lies, and they are doing it at an alarming rate. It seems that telling a blatant lie isn’t shameful any longer, it’s ok, and if they are caught it is expected we will all just shrug it off. As a school administrator for many years, I experienced my share of lies from employees, students, board members, and parents. Salesmen, people with…

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